[thelist] Application variables vs reading flat files

Dominik Wee dominik at alamy.com
Mon Aug 6 10:59:15 CDT 2001

We did a similar thing using XSL-Stylesheets as templates, which brings
with it the additional advantage that compliled versions can be stored
in the Application variables. To get around the problem of having to
restart IIS everytime the templates changed we just wrote a small script
that refreshed the Application variables. Another bonus is that you
automatically abstract from the physically location of the files from
the moment you load them into variables.


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> in memory (they aren't huge, maybe 5-10k).  Would I be right in this
> assumption, are application variables the way forward for me?

It sounds reasonable to me. What you could do is in your global.asa read
in the templates from your flat files into the Application vars and use
em from there. The downside depends on how often the templates change,
because it will require restarting the website (so the
Application_onStart fires again to load the templates)


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