[thelist] Am I infected?

Jeana Clark jmclark at multiservice.com
Mon Aug 6 11:00:15 CDT 2001

Pop quiz:
What should be the first thing one does after installing an OS and/or new

Installing patches, fixes, and filling other security holes.  It makes the
net 'safer' for all of us.

<tip type="Security">
(watch for the url wraps)

With all of the recent viruses going around here are some quick url's on how
to patch them up: Code Red -

Sircam.worm Removal instructions:

M$ Security patches:

Virus Information Library from McAfee: http://vil.mcafee.com/default.asp?

And just for kicks, RedHat 7.1 Security Advisories:

Keep ontop of what's going on w/your OS, and your servers (if you run them)
and really, the net will be a much more fun place for all of us.


now back to our regularly scheduled program.

<jeana />

> I have had my ADSL up for over a month, but it runs as
> if on a LAN and so I have never yet had any suspicious
> connect requests.  I tested myself at some testing
> site and they said they could not access my PC at all.
> No, I did not patch my server.
> I did receive email from someone named 'desert' on
> 8-2.  The subject line is mosty garbage, but in the
> middle it does say 'Worm.SirCam.'  It is in my deleted
> box (Outlook Express) and I am not going to open it
> right now.

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