[thelist] Perl problem and question

Dwayne dwayne at iconys.com
Mon Aug 6 13:46:59 CDT 2001

On Sunday 05 August 2001 22:28, Poojie wrote:

> Martin wrote: -----------------------------------------
> However, there are plenty of fairly sensible modules and libraries
> available which will do this job.
> 2 of the most common are
> cgi.pm
> cgi-lib.pl
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> True. The downside to using these for simple projects is the
> overhead that they require to run (especially CGI.pm), which makes
> using a single function more attractive.

well, that depends on what you're doing - using CGI.pm for nothing more than 
a redirect is silly, but using _anything_ is better than writing your own 
form parsing code. i can think of a few examples of popular scripts that 
would have benefited greatly from using CGI.pm.

i don't think cgi-lib.pl has that much overhead, but i don't use it, so have 
never checked. CGI.pm has a fair bit, but is still minor compared to forking 
a new process. unless you're using something like mod-perl, the overhead from 
CGI.pm probably isn't an issue.

anyway, it sounded like the original poster was looking for featurefullness, 
something which you're always going to have to balance off efficiency. CGI.pm 
certainly has features...

- dwayne

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