[thelist] subdomains and namespace servers

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Mon Aug 6 17:09:59 CDT 2001

Hey Ted -

You're looking to get into DNS(Domain name service). Its what manages 
domain names(yahoo.com, mail.yahoo.com) and points those hostnames to a 
specific IP address.

O'Reilly's "DNS and Bind" book is the best, and pretty cheap. It should 
give you insight into what you're trying to do :)

Feel free to shout if you have more questions :)


tss24 at cornell.edu wrote:
> Ok, I have a question, but I don't really know how to 
> ask it nor what type of response will help me. So bear 
> with me.
> Essentially, we have an email server with a couple 
> domains. We want to be able to setup subdomains for 
> each main domain.
> For ex:   joe at joe.com 
> Joe logs in, than can alter his email to be:
> joe at WHOOHOOO.joe.com
> How can I set up this subdomain to properly work with 
> the server? I can filter the email to just ignore the 
> subdomain and still send all mail to the regular 
> account (like a forwarder) easily, but I can't get the 
> domain to recognize what server to go to.
> Do I need to setup a namespace server? Please help, I'm 
> really lost and need a solution soon.

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