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Mon Aug 6 17:29:48 CDT 2001

Howdy, Hershel !

Of my post at Furtureforums .NET today :

A new day with more virus: an incarnation of CODE RED and SIRCAM Virus are on the way.
News: A new and updated virus of CODE RED: CODE RED II. This will ONLY effect you if you run IIS on Win2000. 
Win NT crashes if it`s infected.

SIRCAM Virus: it have now it`s own e-mail program, so it no longer needs Outlook to forward mail. One thing to 
remember: in some versions of the virus it will ERASE your harddisk the 16th of October.

What to do:
the virus are a macrovirus and runs by using WSCRIPT.EXE in Windows.
Do the following:
If you don`t have any "rename software"; you`ll get one here:
Click Search at START-menu
Enter wscript.exe in the searchbox
When the program pops up; rename the application to "wscript.old" or somthing else as extention.

If you don`t have any virus program; go here  ( for a check from a external source ) :

Hope this helps,
Roy H aka lashmanash

06.08.2001 17:09:15, skrev Hershel Robinson <hershelsr at yahoo.com>:

>> That's a plain ole connect request. If you're not
>> expecting it from the
>> outside world (in any sense), then it may be Code
>> Red. You're not
>> "infected" yet, and if you've patched your server,
>> you're fine. I'd
>> double check that disallowing the connection doesn't
>> hose your access to
>> the server...
>I have had my ADSL up for over a month, but it runs as
>if on a LAN and so I have never yet had any suspicious
>connect requests.  I tested myself at some testing
>site and they said they could not access my PC at all.
>No, I did not patch my server.
>I did receive email from someone named 'desert' on
>8-2.  The subject line is mosty garbage, but in the
>middle it does say 'Worm.SirCam.'  It is in my deleted
>box (Outlook Express) and I am not going to open it
>right now.
>I have mostly ignored all the hubub about viruses and
>I am thus not well informed.
>I am prepared to accept any advice as to how to
>Hershel, Virus Loser
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