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Kevin krr at ix.netcom.com
Mon Aug 6 18:38:06 CDT 2001

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> >I moved the files to the custom tag directory and placed them under
> >J:\CFUSION\CustomTags\quickStore\ Is this possible?
> Custom tags are first looked for in the folder with the page that calls
> them (local) and then goes to look for them in the /CustomTags/ directory
> of the server (global), and then any folder under that.
> Therefore, you should be able to put it into a sub-folder - I wouldn't
> think this would cause an issue, but try renaming the folder to your first
> name (i.e. Kevin) as opposed to the name of the tag itself and see if it
> helps. Also, the index.cfm page that you had online actually called
> page as an include, which also included another template that was actually
> the store. Basically, make sure that there is not a "generic" page name in
> the root of your custom tags folder that matches the one your index.cfm
> page is trying to load. Otherwise you may be getting an error caused by a
> template that has nothing to do with the Quickstore. ;-)
> I suppose I should mention that my experience here is with Cold Fusion
> Enterprise version 4.x.
> >I would like to separate the files from different projects
> >into there own folders.
> Good idea - especially in a shared environment. :)
> Susan

I appreciate the help!

I am currently studing the Coldfusion language on my own computer, So I have
full access.
The tools I work with are:
    Windows 2000
    CF server 4.5.2 single user enterprise -- comes bundled with CF studio
    CF studio 4.5.2
    IIs 5.0
    --  The Web Application Construction Kit 4.0
    --  by   Ben Forta

I was able to get the tutorials store front working by leaving all the
custom tags in the same folder as the index and application page.

One of the errors that I found in the tutorials application was that it
tells you to build a database called "store.mbd" and then in the tutorial it
refers to the dsn name as "quickstore". After repairing that I was actually
able to get the admin page to load.

Another thing I found confusing about the chapter is that some of the pages
appear to have custom tags in the top of the documents above the <cfparm>
But they are grayed out. What exactly is the purpose of these grayed out
tags? Was I supposed to enable them when I load the applcation?
        ** quickStore_product.cfm

Another problem:
It looks like the admin page is not calling the add product sequence. Right
now I have the ability to load categories and edit them. Also to load one
product and edit that one. But the button that allows for the loading of
additional products under the same category is not visible.

Can you scan the application and tell me where I can repair this problem? To
be honest I am not sure which page or even where in the code I need to go to
begin looking for the problem.

As I way saying after repairing the name of the dsn I was able to load the
I also thought I mentioned that the tutorial I am working on is only dealing
with CF 4.0 .

The corrected application is located here.

Do you have access to load this store onto your system? If you do then it
would be allot easier  to explain the problems I am running into.

Last but not least is this tutorial seems to do a good job of teaching the
very basics of building an ecommerce web site. But after finishing the
chapter I really don't have a good feel for the method used to load the
products, the searches, ecetera. Can you refer me to a few links that give
me the practicle methods and ways to implement these tools into my web sites
so that I can work comfortably with them?

Also the book started to talk about security but really didn't go into any
length. I also get the feeling that there are other areas that I might need
to be aware of but lack of experience prevents me from asking the questions.

Any insight, links, experience you can pass along would be greatly

I am asking allot so if and when you have time...

Thank You

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