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databarn databarn at airmail.net
Mon Aug 6 21:32:46 CDT 2001

Biggest problem with Ektron is that they want per-seat licensing, $300 US a whack when I ran an eval ab. a year ago.  While having a license assigned to a particular box might work well in large corporate structures, it pretty well wipes out smaller usage, even if the price doesn't.  We tried to work with them to accomodate something like a five or ten concurrent user license, but they were adamant ab. the per-seat.

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From:	.jeff [jeff at members.evolt.org]
Time:	8/6/2001 at 4:02PM

the only tool i know of that is supported across the board (anything that
supports java) is ewebeditpro from ektron (as rudy has already mentioned).


i'll warn you though -- the price for this sort of benefit is very high.


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