[thelist] Site Review for bluhanddesign.com

Jeana Clark jmclark at multiservice.com
Tue Aug 7 11:09:26 CDT 2001

Looks great in ie 5.5.  for some reason tho, all the blue makes me want to
curl up and go take a nap.

gallery.htm --> I'd like to be warned that I'm opening a popup window... and
the size of it was troubling.  Why not just create another page for the
websites, like you did for the graphics?

"We have designed a lot of web sites over the years and created a lot of

Try not to use 'a lot' a lot.

Gallery-graphics.htm "Some photo editing we chose not to display in the
slide show because they were too complicated. "  Don't mention this at all.
It questions your skills and creditiblity.

The previous and next on gallery-graphics.htm  were also confusing. I
thought it was going to take me to another page, but all it did wa schange
the image. There's some good stuff there. Make it more prominent and

Good luck!


Jeana Clark
Metropolis Gameport Systems
8650 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66210

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> Hi All!
> I am pretty much done with my new web site, and being a daring
> soul decided
> I would like to hear your impressions of it.  Don't be afraid to tear it
> up -- better it happen now while I'm still ready and willing to make
> changes.
> http://www.bluhanddesign.com/
> I'd appreciate any feedback!
> Rachell Coe
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