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Tue Aug 7 11:58:43 CDT 2001

Well, you could use the one I use to sign <grin!>.

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Development cost?  Please!  The original product was MS's DHTML Editor component (and there's one other company did the same thing - don't recall the name now), with a bunch of JavaScript thrown in to make it a bit more functional than the original menu/toolbar sample download.  Then they (finally) got it to work in Netscape, but I think that was with a plugin at the time.  They just used the old IBM mainframe model for charging.  They did not care for the likes of you and I (still don't, by their pricing), but were aimed at large corporate structures.  They were so afraid that someone might use the product w/o them getting their "fair return" (quoted from one of their reps).  And, yeah, they did not license to a TLD, but to sub-domains.  ROI?  When I was doing the eval (30-day or 21-day, I think), I worked as hard getting it functional as I did later rolling my own, if not harder.  Never did get it full functional according to their specs, even with the help of their techs and at least one of the programmers.
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I ended up rolling my own using the DHTML Edit control - intranet app, with IE5 the supported browser.  Still have it, in fact, although I'd have to dig out the code from archives.  It worked with IE5.01 and with IE5.5, don't know how it fares with IE6, but a coworker was using one of the early betas, and it was ok then  
There's a plugin I saw referenced recently to let NS access ActiveX controls, so it might even work now with NS.

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From:	.jeff [jeff at members.evolt.org]
Time:	8/6/2001 at 11:17PM

databarn (hey, got a first name i could address you by?  using nicknames in
such a personal community kinda gives me the hives),
 . . . 
 this notion of licensing it to a domain is a crock.  at the most restrictive it
ought to be per box.
 . . . 
 i know all about the effort required to make something like this work.

sorry for the rant,


jeff at members.evolt.org

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