[thelist] ASP and CASE

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Aug 7 11:59:29 CDT 2001

Hi folks,

Just curious here .. what do those of you that code with ASP think of using
Case?  I'm finding it a real nuisance to debug.  I'd prefer to have smaller,
more compact files, that do what they are supposed to do, instead of working
with a large file, that serves many purposes.

For example, simple view, add, edit, delete of products from a database,
with each option being its own Case, sent to one processing file with the
proposed action being passed as a variable.

I prefer to keep things simple .. one page for product_view, product_add,
product_delete, etc.  I'm just frustrated trying to make a tonne of changes
to a huge large file, with 5 different cases in it.

What do others do?  Is it "bad" practice to have smaller more compact files?

*the curious one*

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