[thelist] ASP and CASE

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 7 12:26:10 CDT 2001

> From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
> What do others do?  Is it "bad" practice to have smaller more compact
> files?

depends on the need... for some projects, you want only one script 
as far as the user is concerned... for others, you want a dozen that 
all do the same thing...

generally, i'll build a large script and use Subs (instead of Case, no 
reason why i prefer it, i just do)... those subsd often call includes...

this way i can have my db code in one include, and a couple 
generic screens in other includes... ultimately, i can make one big 
script that calls the includes it needs, or i can create a dozen 
scripts that all call the same include, or anything in between...

it comes down to preference, with some performance 
considerations thrown in...

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