[thelist] [OT] Spam?

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Tue Aug 7 13:02:02 CDT 2001

> so, in my case at least, they didn't harvest my address from this
> list...

Curious, I got this twice too. Spamcop has been mentioned a couple of times,
I used to report every bit of spam I received to them and ended up getting
more than ever. Here are a couple of tips...

<tip type="Spam" author="Kevin Stevens">
Are you running Outlook Express? If you get Spam, highlight the message and
then click the "Message" flag at the top, and then click "Block Sender".
This will (hopefully) prevent you receiving anything else from the same

This is a piece of advice from way back on the List. I'm afraid I can't
remember the author, but I think it is worth repeating
<tip type="Spam">
The e-mail address I give out to friends is kjs at ratking.co.uk . Ratking is
one of my domains and I have set the server up to send any e-mail with that
address to my computer. What this means is that if I fill in a form on a
site that requires a valid e-mail address I use the name of the site as the
node. For example, all mail from Napster goes to napster at ratking.co.uk This
means that if I ever get any unsolicited mail going to that address I know
exactly who has given it to them.

I've just remembered something else I was once told...
<tip type="Spam">
Much of the spam I receive has a link at the bottom which is preceded by
something along the lines of "If you have received this e-mail in error,
please click the link below to un-register". Don't ever do this, because it
will alert the spammers that they have a live e-mail address.

I realise that this is mostly stating the obvious, but I hope it is useful
to some of you.

Kevin Stevens
kjs at ratking.co.uk

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