[thelist] phpBB ?

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Tue Aug 7 19:38:52 CDT 2001

I once installed phorum, from phorum.org which worked ok, but am going with
something much more lightweight at the moment, from
http://www.robplanet.com/cgi/robboard done in perl , it uses flat files,
instead of database, which are much more search engine friendly (I would
imagine) and don't slow the connection down like a database can sometimes.
It's also very simple, and easy to modify the output to use style-sheets
etc. (unlike Phorum)


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> Someone (not from here) pointed me to phpBB as a nice message board in
> with mySQL.
> So I installed it. Run into a slight problem, and decided to check the
> official phpBB message board for help
> http://phpbb.sourceforge.net/phpBB/index.php
> So what's at the bottom of the official phpBB support board?
> This site was hacked by (a dipshit called) P4raN0y3r
> Oooooookkk....
> Anyone else with a php based message board, that wouldn't be hacked? :)
> Nicole
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