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Lindsay Evans lindsay at redsquare.com.au
Tue Aug 7 21:49:02 CDT 2001

Joe Crawford said:
> Anyone with an alternative take?

despite the positive note of my first email, I must say no...

I didn't come across the contradictory-sounding pricing policies until after
I'd downloaded 15Mb of IDE, unfortunately :o(

After checking out some of the example source code, it seems a bit
ridiculous to combine so many features into the one language, plus the fact
that it uses fairly different syntax to straight html/java/etc. makes it a
rather cumbersome language to learn.

There are some features in there that I would like to see incorporated into
HTML & JavaScript, such as an include function, but having to develop in a
proprietary environment just to have them is rather ridiculous.

The 60Mb of memory that the plugin sucks out of my machine didn't make me
very happy either.

if none of the preceding makes any sense, then this tip may explain:

<tip type="nutrition">
Make sure you have something slightly more nutritious than 7 cups of coffee
before 9am for breakfast, even if it's only a banana.

Having something in your stomach helps your concentration, mental clarity
and, most important, stops your workmates from complaining about the loud
rumbles emanating from your general direction...

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