[thelist] [Ooops!] SQL: how can I approach this?

samiam at ns.linkfinity.net samiam at ns.linkfinity.net
Tue Aug 7 23:15:28 CDT 2001

rudy have you been stealing my code agin?
I use the exact same css strategy on my personal site, and have started
winning people over at work. In fact i recently sat down and figured out I
spend by far the majority of my time on CSS, over HTML or any other single
tech. Finally.
So I'd like to add to your entirely useful and worthwhile tip:

<tip type="working with multiple cascading style sheets">
When one working with more than one style sheet on a single page, scoping
becomes a real
issue. While it may seem expedient at the time to assign properties to
selectors like
P, DIV, rather than specifying the classes and IDs you really
intend, another stylesheet further down the stream, possibly authored by
you, perhaps someone else entirely, will inherit those properties and
leave the author wondering why the hell all his P's are suddenly pink on
black. Only explicitly set those properties you really want to set as
other than the default or inherited value, and only set for the selectors
that really need them.

Descriptive classnames, with a meaningful prefix identifying what they
belong to can help too. I recommend a convention like:
.[component name][Descriptor][State or variation name] { }
(and remember no underscores in your classnames if you are supporting nn4)


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