[thelist] AOL ate my website

phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 03:45:01 CDT 2001


I've just finished one of my first sites using php and mysql for a client -
http://www.equality-ne.co.uk - and they seem pretty happy with
everything....except they've come back saying that someone has been in touch
proclaiming that the site looks 'bad and all messed up in their browser'.

I fear that this person may be using AOL and getting some pretty strange
results. To be honest I've not seen the site through AOL (I know, bad move),
but as it only uses tables and fairly basic html I thought it would be okay.

My questions :

Is there a way I can run AOL without having to input all kinds of billing
information? - I only want to use it for testing.

Is the AOL browser based on another browser engine (e.g. Netscape, IE) which
I could test with instead?

Is there a way I can trap information about the browser to 'sniff' it out
and alert users?

Where can I find information about the saturation of AOL browser usage?

and finally.. do all dogs go to heaven?..

Any help appreciated!


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