[thelist] AOL ate my website

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Aug 8 04:04:05 CDT 2001

Hi Phil,

I don't have AOL running here either, and can't have a look for you.

However, I suggest you visit this site which should provide the information
you are looking for.


I have several clients in the US that use AOL.  I was pleased to note that
all of my sites I had created for them, looked and functioned pretty much
the same as I had expected, with a few minor corrections to some of my
images.   The AOL versions I was using were masquerading <sp?>  as IE at the

Good luck sorting this out.


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From: "phil" <phil at xlab.co.uk>

| I fear that this person may be using AOL and getting some pretty strange
| results. To be honest I've not seen the site through AOL (I know, bad
| but as it only uses tables and fairly basic html I thought it would be

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