[thelist] AOL ate my website

Marc Garrett letters at since1968.com
Wed Aug 8 08:25:52 CDT 2001

Hi Phil,

AOL has about 30 million subscribers. If your target audience is
general-interest American, you should test your pages in the AOL browser. To
the extent that your audience is tech-oriented or mostly international I
wouldn't worry much about AOL.

AOL uses a proprietary version of Internet Explorer. Three most common
problems I've run into with AOL:

1) They compress images. Nothing much to be done about it if your web site
is graphics intensive, but you can always tell AOLers how to turn off image
2) They cache pages and their caching does not always respond to common
3) Sending mailing list emails to AOL addresses can be tricky.

I keep an AOL account just for the purpose of testing web pages. It used to
be the case that with older versions of AOL you could load the software,
join AOL as a trial, cancel your membership, then (as long as you had your
own access to the web) open the AOL browser and check how it renders. I
think they've closed that loophole but you might want to try it. I can't
believe how many people think you should test for Opera but not for AOL.


Marc Garrett

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> Is the AOL browser based on another browser engine (e.g. Netscape, IE)
> I could test with instead?

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