[thelist] AOL ate my website

Nathan Steiner nsteiner at web-graphics.com
Wed Aug 8 08:34:46 CDT 2001

I ran into a particularly bad example of AOL's proxy/.art format re-compressing images I created for a client's web site a few years
ago.  It was vexing because there were no tools available to preview how various graphics would get re-compressed being that .art is
proprietary (is this still true?).  After many iterations of re-saving graphics, uploading to a server, logging into a temporary AOL
account provided by the client, check results, repeat cycle - I finally did seem to get better results with the following tip:

<tip type="aol image display">
You can sometimes get better results with AOL's proxy/recompression of your images by re-saving graphics that prove to be distorted
as progressive JPGs (rather than regular JPGs or GIFs).

Hope this helps!

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