[thelist] AOL ate my website

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Wed Aug 8 09:03:08 CDT 2001

Hi aardvark,

> > about using images less than 1k in size - AOL's caching server just
> > won't bother.

>whoah, that would suck...

I agree - which is why that stuck with me. I haven't seen anything that 
would indicate that this has caused a specific problem for me (yet) either, 
except an issue I was dealing with last week where I had a table cell that 
contained a spacer image, and it was supposed to be 1X17, but the rendering 
in AOL was a table cell that was about 17X17. I was able to correct it 
because I have someone that can look at it in AOL and send me screen 
captures, but no matter how I tried to bloat that image up over 1k to test 
that theory I couldn't do it. :\ I am not convinced that this was directly 
related to that tiny image either, so I plan to keep that in mind and see 
if it ever actually becomes an issue.


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