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John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
Wed Aug 8 11:06:52 CDT 2001

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> I'm working on an extranet site written in ASP running on IIS
> (NT4). We had
> a user try log in from Turkey with 'testadmin' as his NT User ID using
> MSIE5. He could not login (authentication error), even though it
> was working
> fine for everyone else. We looked the event logs and found this:
> Event message could not be found, but contained these strings: testadmýn,
> (in case this doesn't come through correctly, the i in admin is coming
> through as a y with a accent on it).
> This looks like some kind of character set or locale issue but we have no
> idea how to fix it. Has anyone came across this kind of thing before?

The guy's keyboard is sending the ý character.  Get him to use charmap
to enter the right character (or change your test username to testadm -
doesn't look like anyone'd have a problem with that).

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