[thelist] Site Review for Learning Kana (repost)

Toivonen, Nicole Nicole.Toivonen at crt.xerox.com
Wed Aug 8 15:58:59 CDT 2001

>Please send any comments about this site to help people learn 
>japanese -- 
>so far it has short pages on learning katakana and hiragana. 
>We have plans 
>for expanding these pages, but it'd be nice to have a little 
>feedback to 
>make sure we're not barking up the wrong tree. :>

Hope this isn't too terribly behind.

I am learning Japanese, and it seems like this site would be incredibly
helpful!  I'll be bookmarking it at home.

The Kana are very clear, and they aren't too stylized either, which can be
confusing sometimes.

One non-design comment:  A little more explanation of the Kana charts and
how they work might be helpful to beginners;  I know a little of the kana (a
month of intensive classes worth) and I was confused about what precisely
'Diacritical' means, and how to make the chart work for me.

And I agree with Hershel about the 'hover' to make the links clearer:)


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