[thelist] PHP v Perl

Jeanne Edna Thelwell thelwell at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 8 18:17:25 CDT 2001

A question:

I've decided that I would like to use wwwthreads 
(http://www.wwwthreads.com) on my sites.  It's available in both Perl and 
PHP.  I downloaded and installed the Perl version and I'm happy with 
it.  What I was wondering was whether there was any advantage to using Perl 
rather than PHP or vice versa.  I'm not averse to learning PHP (and 
frankly, you don't really need to know PHP to install the scripts, since 
the instructions are pretty idiot-proof).

I know I'll want to learn PHP sooner or later, but the license costs $200 
for commercial sites (I've looked at the free boards and, for my purposes, 
it's worth paying for wwwthreads), and I need to make the decision about 
that now.

So, besides personal preferences, are there advantages to PHP over Perl?

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