[thelist] [OT] Member accounts

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Aug 8 19:53:20 CDT 2001

Hey Rory -

Funny you ask! I turned the application page 'back on' today around 
3:30pm CST.. I put a small note on my weblog(where most of the 
happenings with the members.evolt.org services are discussed) at
http://members.evolt.org/djc/stdio/ too.

Thanks for pointing it out though! :)


Rory.Plaire at wahchang.com wrote:

> The question is, ever so humbly asked and the pending answer ever so
> acquiescently accepted: is there a possibility that members.evolt.org
> accounts are soon to be open again for application?

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