[thelist] ::Form(Combo Box) & Frames Problem::: (Urgent)

Chris George chrisgeorge at home.com
Thu Aug 9 00:15:10 CDT 2001

Hi Navin,

I think I understand what you're trying to say, but I'm just going to bed,
so I may be missing the boat completely.  What you have in your frameset
page is:

<FRAME NAME="main" TARGET="footnotes" SRC="p1.html" SCROLLING="auto">
<FRAME NAME="footnotes" SRC="p2.html" SCROLLING="auto" NORESIZE>

And then in your p2.html page you have links... wheeeeeew.  That JavaScript
is all freaky.  Well, it's freaky for me at 11 in the evening, anyway.  What
you want to do is specify target="main" (the name of your big frame as shown
above) in the form tag.  That should do it for ya.

<FORM NAME="cascade2" ACTION="p1.htm" TARGET="main">

I'm not going to be able to see any more posts on this til morning, but I
hope that cures what ails ya.


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From: "Navin Dhanuka" <navin_dhanuka at yahoo.com

> Please see http://www.vapson.com/products/index.html
> I want to change the p1.html page to cad.html but cannot.
> Instead the p2.html page changes to cad.html
> How should I go about doing this?
> Navin

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