[thelist] PHP v Perl

Manish Sharma msharma at satyam.net.in
Thu Aug 9 02:07:18 CDT 2001

Jeanne, If you know Perl you'll pick up PHP in a couple of weeks. (Its very
similar to Perl). The advantages of using PHP over Perl are many. PHP
integrates well with HTML (it was made for the web... unlike Perl). Yes,
Perl is a very powerful language and can do almost anything, but PHP scores
better on the Net. I was a CGI-Prel man before PHP came along. Now almost
all my sites are PHP.
Professional PHP (Wrox)
PHP 4 in 24 hours (Sams)
MySQL by Paul duBois (Since you would like to know MySQL sooner or later)
By the by, check my tutorials on MySQL at

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