[thelist] Re: AOL ate my website

phil phil at xlab.co.uk
Thu Aug 9 03:16:32 CDT 2001


Thanks all who replied to my problem - sorry for the delay but I get the
digest so I'm usually a day behind.

30 million subscribers? blimey, I didn't realise there was that many - from
that I think it would be wise for me to get a trial version going and check
it out - that's a big chunk of web surfers!

I was also pointed in the direction of this article on Wired
http://www.wired.com/news/antitrust/0,1551,45621,00.html explaining that AOL
have agreed with Compaq to put an AOL icon on the desktop of new Compaq PCs
shipping with Windows XP, so potentially even more AOL users than before -
eek. Though I think MS may have clamped down on this since they cottoned on.

Again, thanks for all replies - the link to webinfo.aol.com was especially
useful :),


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