[thelist] _vti_inf.html ??

Filip Salomonsson filip at netdesign.se
Thu Aug 9 10:13:12 CDT 2001

Just me:
> Windows (2k, at least) has built-in support for frontpage extensions (as a
> client). If one enters an http url into the "add network place" dialog (or
> tries to connect to the web site using FrontPage), you'll get
> requests like
> the ones in your log. Try it, and keep an eye on the log file.

Right. And what was I trying to actually say here?

Probably that someone either deliberatly tried to access your web site using
some fp-ext-enabled application, or perhaps just slipped on their keyboard.

When I try do press alt+D, to hop to the address bar in Internet Explorer, I
sometimes accidentally whack my F key before the D. That turns into
File->Edit, and with Frontpage as the default editor, that would cause
_vti_bin requests, too.

I make total sense. Just not very often.


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