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Scott Schrantz scotts at rci-nv.com
Thu Aug 9 15:54:49 CDT 2001

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> From: JTocher [mailto:janice at discoverysystems.com]
> I have an 'issue' with link colors in CSS that is making me 
> pull my hair
> out!
> I have 2 different link colors on my page - white and blue - 
> depending on
> where the text is.
> However, when I look at the page on the PC in either NN or IE, my link
> colors don't seem to be being picked up at all!

	All your links are specified as <a href="#"> - which may be a dandy
placeholder during development, but it makes certain browsers think it is a
link to an anchor within the same page. So, what I am seeing in Win IE5 is
that the browser is interpreting all your links as being "visited" since
they link to the existing page. That explains why they're all showing up in
purple (IE's default visited color). Add a style to each of your classes
like so:
.breadcrumbbg a:visited { color: #ffffff }
and that will clear up the problem. But, the links will still be seen as
being "visited" until you change the references from "#" to an actual page.
That could be a problem if you want different colors for visited and
unvisited links (which is almost always a good idea).
	An additional suggestion is to change all your placeholding hrefs
with <a href="blank.htm"> so that they'll all show up as unvisited to begin
with. But, you should still specify an a:visited color in your stylesheet.
Purple clashes with that color scheme too much.

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