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Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Thu Aug 9 22:44:58 CDT 2001

It is probably easier to alias the old directory to point to the new one.
This would mean that the user see nothing but the new code and they don't need
to worry about which url they need.  It will also reduce the amount of traffic
genereated by the various redirections.

Rob Oviatt wrote:

> I goofed!!
> This afternoon I sent out my company's newsletter and forgot to change the
> <base href> I put in the document to point to the live version of our
> site.  It is pointing to the working version.  We've reissued the
> newsletter with a brief explanation, apology, and emptied the working
> directory.  But I'm curious if there is a way of redirecting the requests
> to our working directory to the live site.
> Both the live and working version are run in parallel directories located
> in the wwwroot folder.  The working version is mapped to be a subdirectory
> of the live site. Meaning the live site is accessed using
> http://www.applebycolorlab.com/ and the working is accessed using
> http://www.applebycolorlab.com/_working1/ .  ( I didn't setup the server
> this way, but have learned to live with it)
> We're running IIS 4 on NT4 with SP6
> Thanks
> Rob Oviatt
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> web site: http://www.applebycolorlab.com/
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