[thelist] Semi OT - PS6 Question

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Thu Aug 9 23:05:42 CDT 2001

> (While Im at it, anyone know of a good PS forum where we can post these
> kinds of questions?)


This isn't at all off-topic. Designing for the Web in Photoshop or any
similar tool is very much on-topic. thelist tends to have a far larger
percentage of programming/database related threads, but more people asking
design related questions should even that up a bit.

I encourage anyone else with design related questions to jump in too.

> Graphics Design Question:
> How does one transform a regular rectangle to have slanted left and right
> edges? Id like, instead of edges straight up and down   |   to have them
> slanted on each end   \____/

Select your rectangle layer. Hit CTRL-T (to transform), and use the
modifiers (SHIFT, ALT, and CTRL).

SHIFT will constrain your adjustments by ratio. ALT will maintain the focus
on a central point. And CTRL will let you play around with a single corner.

What you need to do is hold all three and drag a corner around until you get
the effect you're after. Let me know how you go.


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