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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Fri Aug 10 08:45:43 CDT 2001

Hi Les,

I think I'd go for the "I'd be a more valuable asset to the corporation"
angle instead.


- Learning new techniques and abilities that will benefit company 'x'
through OTJ application.  ["On-The-Job"]

- Increased productivity - be able to handle projects faster.

- Increased benefit - be able to handle more advanced projects or projects
involving different technologies, different subject areas, stuff like that,

- better candidate for advancement - 'management potential'.  [You may or
may not give a damn - but it is a "catch-phrase" that can appease the HR
crowd who generally have to approve this kind of thing.]



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From: Les Lytollis [mailto:les.lytollis at morse.com]

I know this fairly OT, but I have been asked to put together a document
justifying the benefits of letting me take a day off per week to finish
part-time study (a Computer Studies degree). 

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