[thelist] Front Page Extensions

Sanders, Robert (IndSys, Pwr. Equip., IM) robert.sanders at indsys.ge.com
Fri Aug 10 09:09:44 CDT 2001

Once again I'm in a bit of a bind and hope someone will offer help.
  I am using Front Page 2000 and IIS 4 for our company intranet. The problem
is that none of my forms pages will submit using email. They have been
working great for many months but quit functioning properly after our
network admin installed service pack 6 for NT on the IIS server. I trust
that the extensions need to be reinstalled or reset or something but I cant
figure out how to do anything except check server extensions...which I
believe is supposed to fix problems with the extensions.
 So... my question is how do I reinstall or reset the extensions? Has anyone
else had this happen?  

Bob Sanders

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