[thelist] @@IDENTITY w/SQL 7 - ColdFusion query

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sat Aug 11 11:45:51 CDT 2001


> From: databarn
> If that is CF specific, great.  But that SQL structure,
> as such, is dangerous to your intent in a multiuser
> environment unless CF handles the multiple queries
> internally as a single query and presents it to SQL
> Server as such

it is my understanding that it indeed does represent the entire string
between the opening and closing cfquery tags as one query.  this fact was
evidenced when i tried to use this syntax with a database that did not
support multiple queries per connection.

ray, you reading this?  can you ask someone there internally how it's

if you want to make absolutely certain, i'd recommend using cftransaction



jeff at members.evolt.org

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