[thelist] Anyone have a web log file reader (not analyser)?

databarn databarn at airmail.net
Sun Aug 12 00:57:33 CDT 2001


Anyone have a pointer to a log file reader?  Don't want an analyser, per se, just want to be able to read the raw log files in a formatted view.  Standalone or web, remote capability would be nice, but not a show-stopper.

Anyone know of such?  I've tried a number of searches, but all I've found is a plethora of analysis (read summary) tools.  My current OS is Win2K, web server is IIS 5.0.  I'm in process of learning PHP and eventually switching over to Linux as server OS, with probably Apache as web server.  That shouldn't make a real difference, I would think, but I've seen several references to analysis files that are Apache specific.  Apparently there's a difference in the way the web logs are written?  Outside W3C standards?  (Oh, well, that's beside the point at the moment.  I can bang my head against that wall later <grin!>.)

Any references would be appreciated, as I _really_ don't want to have to write my own . . . that sounds like work.

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