[thelist] Installing PHP on win2000 (was Installing apache)

Derry Talvainn derry at artema.com.au
Sun Aug 12 01:41:13 CDT 2001

It still isn't working.

Started out using a utility called PHP triad (Apache, PHP and MySql) to

Uninstalled this when it didn't work and tried installing with the software
supplied on disk from 'PHP and MySQL' SAMS. Tried with Apache and without.

Downloaded a variety of trouble shooting documents. Made sure that
httpd.conf file was configured as suggested, checked that msvcrt.dll and
php4ts.dll were in place, checked that all the suggested parameters in
php.ini were correct. Ran a test at command promt "php.exe text.php" which
executed correctly at the command prompt.

Changed the "Execute Permissions in IIS to "Scripts and Executables" (It was
set to scripts only). Clicked the configuration button and made sure the CGI
entry was there "php.exe %s %s" - all correct.

But when I open my pages in the browser I either get the raw php code or

So uninstall and this time I reinstalled using the easywindows installer
from PHPEveryWhere and then not even the "php.exe test.php" worked.

Just want to do the tutorials!

Derry Talvainn
Artema Interactive Design

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them
into the impossible - Arthur C Clarke

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> > No you can get PHP to run really easily under IIS.
> > In fact the PHP installer does all/most of the configuring for you so
> > its just a case of point and click to set it up.
> > On the other hand it is also pretty simple to set it up yourself.
> >
> > R.Livsey
> Indeed you can easily get PHP to run under IIS, but for better performance
> and security, running PHP as an Apache module is optimal; PHP scripts will
> be executed directly by the Apache server process:

It is almost never true that Apache 1.3.x under Win32 can
outperform IIS - something which Apache Group accepts during
the warning which says *never* to use it for production

John Handelaar

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