[thelist] Re: fixing a javascript

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Sun Aug 12 04:20:17 CDT 2001

Although the visual problems using Ns4/6 Opera/Mozilla etc are pretty minor,
and could be fixed relatively easily, Frontpage would mess up the code again
next time you edited the pages.
Using a redirect like this should work (if they haven't disabled


<script language="JavaScript">
        if (navigator.appName != "Microsoft Internet
    // -->


Just put it directly in the index.htm page.

If it was up to me I'd get rid of the non-right-click code on the photograph
pages, this doesn't come over as very friendly/professional, and is totally
ineffective in preventing anyone saving your images.A mention of your
copyright - copyright 2001 Christine Ross  - should prevent any commercial
use of your images without prior consent.

Also - as you mention "the gallery was created with "full screen" mode in
mind" you might want to <center> the images, as they show up in the top-left
corner of your screen - on larger monitors.


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> Hi all----I'm not a web developer but do have a small photo gallery that
> I've set up through FrontPage software.  This may get the goat of a few
> out there, but I don't seem to have an option except to make the gallery
> IE-exclusive, and in my search for a way to do so I found this script:
> <script language="JavaScript">
> <!-- Begin
>   if (navigator.appName == "Netscape")
> {
>  // go to the warning page if Netscape is being used
>     window.location="Netscape.html";
> }
> else if navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")
> {
>     // go to the page you have already made up as the home page - you
> can
> call it anything you want
>     window.location="yourname.html";
> }
> else
>     // If they are using any other browser they will get sent to your
> warning page
> window.location="Netscape.html";
> }
> // -->
> </script>
> I feel I may be forgetting to do something basic that isn't letting the
> script run properly, but for the life of me I've tried so many
> variations of it and I still never see my re-direct page come up on
> Netscape.
> And if you want to see why I have to resort to this, the site:
> www.picturesofangkor.com
> Broken tables, links, and a basically unaesthetic set-up on Netscape, as
> well as lack of patience on my side and an unwillingness to relinquish
> "creative control"...
> So, I would even pay someone to fix this little problem for me (so far
> I've encountered a few who'll give constructive criticism and a few
> who'd set up my entire gallery--not what I was looking for!  Tho' web
> design isn't my job I still want to know all the ins and outs...)
> Thanks for any suggests,
> Chris
> ckr44 at qwest.net
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