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Derry Talvainn derry at artema.com.au
Sun Aug 12 04:24:01 CDT 2001

I'd confirm this. The bottom just fell out of the web area here in Australia
about a year and a half ago.

As an example, I belong to the ColdFusion User Group here. A year and a half
ago I couldn't find a programmer to work with me on a job and wound up going
interstate to get one. Now they all throw their business cards at me and beg
for work. Contractors started at Australian $50 per hour (that was for
newbie's - good one's were more like $80) - now they are working for $15 per
hour - if they can get it. The Group used to be swamped with job offers -
there has not been one job offer to the group in three months.

I have been told that system administration is still doing well and I have
had friends in specialist areas or who are just damn good and not that
expensive that haven't felt the crunch - but that's it. Yeah, and graphics
and front end is worse - just don't think programmers are okay!

Derry Talvainn
Artema Interactive Design

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them
into the impossible - Arthur C Clarke

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> Is there truly a shortage of IT professionals there (and in
> Australia), as I've heard there is?

Not sure about NZ, but Australia's IT job market is definitely not great at
the moment, and has been floundering for at least a year.  Currently there
is an over-abundance of web designers and front-end developers and a
shortage of job postings for these areas.  There are a few more offerings
for those with more advanced programming skills, especially if you're a VB
or Delphi pro, but there are still a helluva lot of people looking.


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