[thelist] SSI

Matthew Brooks m at pleonasm.com
Sun Aug 12 09:12:18 CDT 2001

"Gary Finnigan" <gfinnigan at talk21.com> wrote:
>I have two folders in the root of a site, called includes and nof. Nof has a
>subfolder, called flash. When i call an include file from a file in the root
>of the site, there is no problem. But when I call it from flash, I get an
>error processing SSI.
>I have tried both relative paths, and an absolute path and it still won't
>work. Anyone got any ideas?

There are two ways to do SSI:

(1) <!--#include file="[path and filename]"-->

(2) <!--#include virtual="[path and filename]"-->

(1) can accept only a pathname relative to the current directory, and you
cannot use .. to jump up directory levels. So, this won't work from your
flash directory, because the include file is not beneath that directory.
(2), however, can accept a "virtual path" to a file anywhere on the server,
so you could do this:

<!--#include virtual="/includes/foo.txt"-->

I ran into this same problem once, and fixed it by switching file to
virtual and making the path in the same format as above, i.e. starting at
root (/) and working down.

Hope it works.   Matt

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