[thelist] Late-night call for opinions

iibiz sales at iibiz.com
Sun Aug 12 21:13:45 CDT 2001

> Comments... Please... As many as possible on anything and everything.
> Take it apart, dissect and criticise... And please don't forget to
> mention some of the good things.
> The url to begin with is
> http://www.partyprogram.com/introduction/index.html.


First of all - overall a very nice site!

A few things I would think about:

#1 - I like the pictures on the Experiences and Risks pages.  Not so wild
about the ones on the main page (hand) and the one on the Trauma page (bag
of blood).  Not sure what the hand is even supposed to symbolize.......

#2 - Risk page is missing the navigation buttons.

#3 - I'm guessing your target audience ranges somewhere between the ages of
8ish to 18ish.....the "kids" in the background image, though cute, are going
to turn off the kids starting around 12 or 13.  Trust me.  I have 12 and 18
year old daughters.  Maybe just use a solid background or look for something
a little less "grade-school-ish".

#4 - "Death of An Innocent" - tear rendering story that my 12 year old ran
across years ago and tried to read it to me.  She had a hard time talking
thru her own tears.  Some people may give you a hard time about that being
in there - leave it!  Makes a definite impact on children who by nature just
seem to think they're immortal.

#5 - Love the "Trauma" page.  So much so that I would move some of it to the
main page.  Would make much more of an impact.  Older kids will read the
"What is a party to you?", ending in vomiting and go "yeah"!  Something that
would make more of an impact (on all ages) would be:

"Welcome to the Party After the Party!" (or something like that) and then
put some of the "Trauma" content there.    Oh.....or even make it like an

Place:  Your local hospital
Time:   Too late
Attire:  Don't worry - we'll provide an ugly gown for you!
RSVP to:  Your parents

Maybe I'm going to far there, but maybe it sparked the perfect wording in
your head to make more impact from the main page.  You gotta grab these kids
quickly.  Attention spans are minimal!

Just my .02........


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