[thelist] Free mailing list services

Susan Wallace susanhw at vonl.com
Mon Aug 13 15:03:42 CDT 2001


I have a need to setup a mailing list for a "hobby" of mine and do not have 
a good feel for the number of folks who might be interested in the list I 
have in mind. I want to start with one of the free services and depending 
on the amount of members, will consider moving to a paid service in the 
future.  I am aware of the pros and cons of a free mailing list service as 
I had hosted lists with eGroups and OneList before, but they have all been 
"absorbed" at some point or another.

I have looked into what is still available, and three services consistently 
come up  - Topica, Bravenet, and of course, Yahoo Groups. I do not 
personally care for Yahoo Groups, but have no experience with Topica or 

If anyone has experience with any of those free services, or knows of 
something better that I missed, I would appreciate some input.


Susan Wallace

-- Susan Wallace

	Still auditioning for Star Search, I see. - John Crichton

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