[thelist] PHP environment variables

Robin Hastings robin at rhastings.net
Mon Aug 13 15:31:06 CDT 2001

Hello fellow evolters!

I'm trying to set up a 404 page that will email me whenever someone hits it. All
is well, except that I can't figure out how to get the current URL (the bad
page) to show up in PHP using IIS 4. I gather that in Apache there is an
environment variable "REQUEST_URI" that does just what I want, but IIS refuses
to acknowledge it. I'm not finding anything helpful at the MS knowledge base or
in my phpinfo() page. Is there something out there that will do this, or am I
just outta luck? Thanks!!

Robin Hastings
Webmistress - InterTec Designs
robin at intertecdesigns.com

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