[thelist] Re: I am looking into the possibility of replacing my

rick rolson at otn.net
Mon Aug 20 00:56:50 CDT 2001

> This may be totally off the wall but I was thinking of setting up a RAID 0
> setup
> for a small portion of my hard drives to work more efficiently.
> When the work is finished I was thinking that the best choice for storage
> would be a large 60 - 80 gig hard drive for this data.
> I was hoping it would be possible to setup a server to hold my utilites,
> firewall, virus, IIs services, Coldfusion, SQL, and use the administration
> facilities of win2k to automatically transfer selected files to long term
> storage
> "IE: 60 - 80 gig drive", after I have completed the work. This of course
> would
> happen invisibly. As a user I wouldn't need to be aware this was
> If I did  need to rework the files after they have been transfered out of
> the
> RAID 0 area I am thinking that I could create a copy of the same data onto
> the Raid segment of my storage area "for lack of  a better adjective" and
> then once again when all is finished the data would be transfered to the
> archieved
> area for storage.

As far as I know, you can't really set a "small portion" of your drives as a
striped segment, except in software RAID.  This would be using Win2k to
handle the striping, which would take some of your precious CPU space away.
If you go with a hardware solution, it's just another PCI card with two IDE
slots on it.  Hook one hard drive to each, set up the RAID BIOS, and Win2k
sees it as a single logical drive.  As for transfering the files to your big
drive, you could set up some kind of replication I suppose.

> I hear what your saying about the risks of lossing my data but I am not
> if I have read you correctly. What your saying is that one disk crashes I
> lose all data. O.K. I can live with that.This is my own system in my home
> office, And as such monitoring the health of my drives is done
> automatically.
> At least the new drives promise that health monitoring is part of the
> package.
> So the question then would be is there more too that last on crashes than
> read
> into it? And also how does the arrangement I have envisioned for my drives
> pan
> out?

I wouldn't worry about one of the drives failing if you have good backup.
Or from what you've said -- if you're transfering the files to the big
drives after they've been 'worked,' then there shouldn't be anything mission
critical on those drives anyway.


> Any insight would be appreciated
> Thank You
> Kevin

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