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Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Mon Aug 20 06:43:57 CDT 2001

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 10:57:17 +0100, kristina <kristina at kfx-design.co.uk>

>   Basically we need (in effect) something that monitors who has which
>   file open, and locking it to all others.  It has to be automatic and
>   very simple....

Simple is such a subjective word *:)

You're describing a CVS (Concurent Versioning System) setup.

With CVS each person 'checks out' code from a central repository and
then works away to their hearts content. When people have finished they
'check in' their code back into the system and it manages changes and
merges different versions of the file.

You can also do cool things like rolling back to previous versions of
the code base and set up access levels for different users

You don't mention platform or other details, but this should give you a
good overview: http://www.cvshome.org/



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