An Email Re: [thelist] interview questions has been trapped

Daniel J. Cody djc at
Tue Aug 21 10:40:49 CDT 2001

Sorry about these folks, nothing to worry about, no virus.. Just an 
oversensitive virus checker on someone's mail server :)

<tip type="mozilla">

Mozilla has a cool feature that you probably haven't seen or heard 
about: When you view-source on a page or email, you can change the size 
of the text displaying the source, which is super nice if you're using a 
  large resolution :)

Ctrl-U then choose 'View' -> 'Text Size' and select how big you'd like 
to view the source


MAILsweeper at wrote:
> The email Re: [thelist] interview questions from jhaworth at to thelist at
>  contained script similar to known Worm viruses.
> As a precaution this has been held in quarantine. The message will be held for up to 20 days, for further checking.
> Please notify the sender that you have not received their email.
> An automated message to the sender will also have been delivered.

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