[thelist] interview questions

Jeana Clark jmclark at multiservice.com
Tue Aug 21 11:02:46 CDT 2001

When I interviewed for the job I have now, they had me take a hand written
html test.  I was put into an empty room with some print off pages from IE,
a list of file names, and given several white sheets of paper and told,
"Recreate this however you would normally using HTML.. and css and whatever
else you know.  Oh, and you have 15 minutes."

Now that I'm on the other side, and have the job and been through the
experience.. It seems like it was their best way to weed out those who knew
a lot, and those who... well, thought they did.  I didn't have access to a
computer.. So of course it took me longer. But, it showed my throughness for
detail... They didn't care how far I was going to get on the page, but that
the content of what I had completed showed my skills.  It was awkward..
hard.. and weird. But .. a good way to test.

<jeana />

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