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Subject: RE: [thelist] Image Robot or other image batch processing tool
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 12:47:43 -0700
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Debableizer.... awesome tool for batch processing images.



Just went over the list of features for Debableizer

The question is do I really need the power of the pro version
or can I get by with the light version?

I need to scan and process about 50+ images.
I did this about a month ago for family stuff and it took the better part
of three days to scan process and do minor retouch. I plan to handle
images in web development and really haven't been down this road.
So far all my work has been done in Paint Shop Pro 6 and 7. Good
tools but very time consuming. I do have fireworks but haven't done
any work with it because I already know my way around PSP>

Can you advise further on Debabelizer?


Also in terms of scanners I am scanning images for a brochure at 600dpi
and outputting them to tiff and jpg files for the printer. I am pretty sure
is more than sufficient to get the job done, But has anyone been down this
road? Also in terms of scanning speed...

It takes an average of 2-4 minutes depending on the image size. I may have
exagerated alittle but it does take quite a bit of time. I use the HP 5200c
scanner. It does good work but I don't have anything to compare against.

Can anyone advise on speed, accuracy, and easy of use in this area? I am
currently using someone elses scanner and will need to but one in the
near future.

Almost forgot! This is for web development work.

Thank You

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