[thelist] Anybody used MaximumASP.com as a host before?

Shaun M. Anderson ShaunAnderson at smarttech.com
Tue Aug 21 14:52:14 CDT 2001

I can't find a single complaint about them.  Anywhere.  

And quite frankly that makes me kind of nervous...

I looked @ http://www.aspin.com/home/sites/asphosts and there's nothing but
5/5 stars (37 reviews) and
http://www.actionjackson.com/hosts/hostdetail.asp?HostID=143 which has the
same results.

Literally.  Some of the reviews are identical on both sites.  Posted on the
same day.  It could be that they share a database, or MaximumASP.com might
be giving themselves faked praise.  I'd really hope that they wouldn't be so
stupid as to link to the 2 places where they added identical reviews though.

Since they look like an awesome host from their stats (100 Mb SQL Server,
2GB HD space, 40 gb transfer, tons of components and the ability to add your
own custom components, 100 mb of ASP.NET beta 2 test space, etc, etc, etc)
I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt.

So here I am, asking if anybody has used them, or knows somebody who has.

Shaun Anderson

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