Netscape form marings was Re: [thelist] I'm back....with a question

Patrick Berry pberry at
Tue Aug 21 16:02:46 CDT 2001

>>> James Aylard had the thought that... <<<

> Mr Dave,
> > I was just wondering, does anyone know a way of stopping an extra line
> from
> > being created after a form tag has been closed?
>     Use a stylesheet:
> <style type="text/css">
>   <!--
>     form
>     {
>       margin: 0px ;
>     }
>   -->
> </style>
>     This should get rid of that extra space in IE.
> James Aylard

>>> also Joshua Olson had the thought that... <<<

> yes, I do.  You'll have to use css to remove the margin and padding from the
> form tag.  Ala
> FORM { margin: 0px. padding: 0px; }
> good luck,
> -joshua

So this begs the there a work around for Netscape 4.x?

So far my searches haven't turned up anything other than sticking the
start and end form tag outside the table.  Which isn't a problem
unless you are doing lots of table nesting and need more than one form
on a page.


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