[thelist] PHP/MySQL forum with CSS

noah noah at tookish.net
Tue Aug 21 19:17:16 CDT 2001

I have to install a php/mysql forum (i.e., message board) for a site I'm 
developing - so far I've tried phpbb, phorum, and w-agora - all of them 
work fine, but each one contains upwards of 1000 font-related tags, and 
piles of bgcolor type stuff. I haven't published a site with a font tag in 
nearly 3 years, and I don't want to do it now. The usage is such that it 
isn't easy to just strip this stuff out using search and replace - 
basically I'm looking at a couple of days worth of very tedious work to get 
rid of them, and they are somewhat incorporated in the functionality (i.e., 
it's not just a matter of deleting html tags).

So has anyone ever encountered a php/mysql forum that uses CSS for 
appearance (tables are fine for layout)? Or at least could be easily hacked 
to use CSS?

Thanks very much,

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